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Choosing A Country Song for Your Wedding

Wedding songs are a reflection of each spouse’s personalities and emotions. As the two of you come together as one, so must your individual traits. Your wedding song should compliment each person’s uniqueness while emphasizing your strong bond and lasting future. If you want a song versatile enough to provide this for you, try country music.

There is no better genre on the scene today provides so many songs for this use than country music. Country music artists have a long history of engaging its listeners with music that conveys emotion. No matter what you are going through in life, there is a country song you can relate to. Because of it’s ability to emotionally grab you, country music makes for great wedding songs.

Now, you can’t just pick any country music song you like. There are a lot of top country hits out there, but do you really want to dance to a song about catching your spouse cheating? Of course not! Here are some tips to help you pick out the perfect country song to play at your wedding.

Know the message
As stated earlier, you have to be very careful when selecting the right country song. One of the biggest country music cliches is that every song is about “your wife leaving you, dog ran away, sittin’ at a bar drinking away your sorrows.” That cliche does cover a lot of what country music is, but not everything.

Since country music is so emotion driven, it is easy to find powerful songs that fulfill the purpose of a meaningful wedding dance. If you are a fan of country music, you already have a few songs in mind. If you have never listened to country music, call a couple of local radio stations and ask them to refer a couple of songs to you.

Choose a song you like
Remember, it is your wedding so pick a song you like. You are going to look back at this moment in a few years. Make sure the song holds as much emotional power as it did on the wedding day. Picking a song that you think the audience will like will not make this special moment memorable.

Wouldn’t you like to tear up every time you heard your wedding song on the radio or TV? This will only happen if you and your spouse have an emotional connection to the song.

Timing is everything
Your wedding day is going to be long and drawn out. It is going to have so many ups and downs that you are going to be spent by the time you get to your wedding dance. When looking at song choices, look at songs that are short. The wedding crowd will be overcome with emotion as you begin your dance, but they might start to feel awkward if the song goes on too long.

Use these tips to help you pick out a perfect wedding song. You and your spouse will have a memory of a lifetime that you can share for decades to come.

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