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Creating A Wedding Song for Your Bride

Husbands-to-be, if you want to know how you can truly make your wedding day the most amazing it can be, full of meaning for your future wife, consider composing your own personal song for her--to be sang at the wedding. This song can then not only be sung on that day, but on romantic events in the future such as your anniversary or Valentine's Day, when you want to remind yourselves of your love for one another.

But what are the keys to writing a memorable song? There are five keys you should keep in mind.

Key number 1: Write a list. On this list, you want to write four or five traits that you love and admire in your bride. This could include her sense of humor, her kindness to others, her listening skills--whatever. Also on the list, write all the things that you know your bride loves.

What's her favorite color, her favorite food, what does she love to do for a hobby, where does she love to visit? Based on this list, you'll know some things you can include in the song that will make it truly about your bride and nobody else.

Key number 2: Begin writing the song, filling it with emotion. How? Focus on your wife's best characteristics and write about them. But don't stop there; mention how much these traits mean to you. You might have trouble rhyming words, but fortunately there are rhyming sites online that can help you.

Key number 3: Keep the song simple. The words should be easy to remember, easy to sing...and the tune should be in keys that are easy to reach. Give the songs a refrain and at least two verses.

Key number 4: Speaking of the tune, it's okay to borrow a melody for your song, as long as you never try to sell it or claim it as your own. One suggestion is to find out what romantic song your bride likes, then borrow that tune, but give it your own words. However, if you feel up to the challenge and really think you can do it, go ahead and try to come up with your own unique, romantic melody.

Key number 5: And finally, the most important part has come: It's time to sing your new song to your bride. It does not good to write a new song for your bride if you're just going to put it away and never let her hear it. But then, go even further: Frame the lyrics in an attractive frame. This will be a truly cherished memento of your dating days and wedding.

Creating your own personal song will take some time and work and yes, some creativity. But it's worth the risk. Nothing else you can do at your wedding will touch her as much as this.

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