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Father Daughter Wedding Songs

As a father prepares to ceremonially give his daughter in marriage to her husband, many thoughts must race through his mind. At the forefront of this occasion, the father focuses on the pride he must feel as he shares one last dance with his precious daughter before she becomes the jewel of another man, her husband.

The significance of the father daughter wedding dance is not to be overlooked because at many weddings, right after the father and daughter finish dancing, the groom takes his rightful place at her side, symbolically supplanting the father as protector and provider.

This dance is a bittersweet moment for both father and daughter, as the father has seen his daughter grow into the beautiful woman standing before him, yet every parent struggles with the thought of losing their children to adulthood, especially fathers with their daughters.

For the bride, she clearly is saddened by the fact that she must leave the protection of her father and mother and venture out into the “real world,” yet she is elated because she will be making that journey with her new husband. The father daughter dance is steeped in tradition and will no doubt continue as long as weddings do.



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