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Finding Information on Bridal Songs

You’re engaged! Suddenly you are the center of many conversations. There are repetitive questions that one will have to answer as a bride to be. What is your dress like? Who is in your wedding party? What color are your bridesmaid dresses? What are the flowers like? Is it a big wedding or a little wedding?

These questions can usually be answered quickly, with no hesitation. However, there is one question that gives a bride (and a groom) a quizzical look when asked in the first few months of an engagement. That question is “What will YOUR song be?” This question leads to a multitude of possibilities, and poses an even bigger question about the music of the day. The music of a wedding can be a difficult decision the couple will have to make together. This article will help the soon-to-be-married couple arrange the soundtrack of their day.

The music of a wedding is considered a long-standing tradition in many cultures. Although the choices in music may have changed the music, itself, is still a very important aspect of a wedding. Even before the bride walks down the aisle, the music initiates the beginning of the ceremony.

The ceremonial music tends to be more traditional. Many weddings conducted in churches have preconceived songs chosen from lists arranged by the music directors. However, a bride and groom can also choose to have their own musical arrangement opting instead for instrumentals provided by violinists and saxophonists, rather than organists. Vocalists can also be part of the ceremony.

Often a church or parish will provide one. The bride and groom can decide if a more traditional ceremony is right for them, and get advice from the coordinator of the wedding location. If unconventional is for the couple, then different options are available depending on the venue of the ceremony. This generally means that every decision, from song choices to instruments to vocals are at the discretion of the bride and groom.

One of the reasons the question “What is your song?” is popular is because the guests are concerned with the musicality of the reception. That simple question leads into more questions, like are you having a band or DJ? If band, a female or male vocalist?

The first dance between the bride and the groom begins a night of dancing and celebration. What the couple needs to remember is that it is their day! They need to decide, as a couple, what they like together. Many heated arguments may occur if the bride wants a band, and the groom a DJ, or vice versa, but, a decision should not be made blindly (or deafly). Together, the couple should listen to all of their options.

Bands offer live entertainment, while a DJ usually offers more of a variety of music. One of the best ways to find out about different entertainment possibilities is through word of mouth, and then to actually sample their music.

Still, the most important factor is that it is the bride and groom’s day to celebrate their new life together. And an important part of that celebration is their first dance together as husband and wife. This is your song, your beginning, your chance to show your guests your individualities in unison.

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