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First Dance Songs for Your Wedding

You are about to embark on the wonderful world of marriage, a moment you have be waiting you’re entire life for. The process will be long and there is much planning involved and one very important part is your choice of wedding song for that first dance as a man and wife. Inspiration may come from a different place for every marriage but if you find yourself searching hopelessly for ideas there are a few tips available to get those musical juices flowing.

Bring on the Romance: Remember a song playing on the radio in the car on your first date; perhaps a song that reminds you of how you first met? Anything that makes you look at your significant other and smile would be perfectly suitable for a first dance. There is no need to concern yourself with anyone else “getting it” the song only needs to mean something to the two of you, because it’s no one else’s first dance but yours.

Calling all Parents: Are there songs that mean something to either of your parents? Many pairs find themselves wanting to honor their mother and father by selecting the song they danced to at their wedding. It would mean a lot to anyone who remembers your parent’s wedding, your parents themselves and if you really dig deep, it probably would mean a lot to you. Even if the song is difficult to find, if you have a good DJ, he ought to be able to find it for you.

Tap Into Your Culture: For a very unique experience it could be a good idea to choose a song that comes from any unique background you may have. Honoring your culture by picking a song from it for your first dance would be a touching experience for everyone included in that ceremony. The music may only come from one half of a family’s background but with the unison into one family the dance can be special for everyone involved.

Hey Mr. DJ: If you find yourself completely stumped with nothing special coming to mind, you can always go to your resident expert as a possible last resort. That expert being of course the DJ you’ve hired. He or she has probable worked a few weddings in their time and they may have a good song perfect for you or at the very least feed you ideas that may help you develop some of your own.

It’s a tough time planning a wedding and with any luck this short guide will help get you started. The process may get stressful at times so remember to have fun, stay happy and always remember at the end of the day, it’ll go exactly how you want it to. If money becomes a problem, look into the Amazing Wedding Planning guide at Wedding Planning Makes Perfect to find ways to save a few bucks.

Good luck, stay merry and remember everyone is watching you out on that dance floor. Try not to trip.

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