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Garter Ceremony Music

One of the most entertaining moments of any wedding reception comes when it is time for the groom to remove the garter from his bride’s thigh and toss it to the pool of single men hoping to catch it. Unique to the garter toss experience, this is one of the only chance's for the groom himself to truly entertain the guests; it's his chance to shine.

Most weddings do this part of the reception party with no music. But there is a growing trend to dress up all parts of the reception, including this portion. Therefore, more and more wedding parties are including a song selection during this event. In selecting music for the garter ceremony, you can have more fun and play around with more styles than you can during other parts of the wedding and reception.

Play something upbeat, even a little sensuous if you want. It's all in good fun, and it will only help to enhance the atmosphere. Include a little jazz number, for instance, or perhaps some old-fashioned swing music. Or you can even go for something as contemporary as hip-hop. The key with this musical number is to remember not to take it too seriously.



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