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Last Dance Music

Ah, the last dance of the wedding. Any last minute planning stress is now a moot point, washed away by a sea of ribbons, floral arrangements, and champagne. Toasts have been given, cake eaten, bouquets and garters tossed, the “Electric Slide” has been… slid. Any clashes between relatives or friends have come and gone, and new alliances may have even been formed in dark, taffeta-festooned corners.

Now it’s time for a song to send off the last remaining guests, from the twenty-four-hour party girl bridesmaid who’s got her eye on the Patrick Swayze (circa 1987) lookalike groomsman to bleary-eyed Uncle Frank telling yet another tall tale to a nodding audience at the table next to the ice sculpture. Which song sends a clear and simple message that the party’s over? Fortunately help is available.

Web-based resources such as this one can take the guesswork out of saying “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here,” with literally dozens of Last Dance Songs. All you have to choose is the tone: wistful and romantic, alluring and seductive, humorous, or a danceable flashback favorite? There's all that and more available. You decide!



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