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Making R&B Music Work at Your Wedding

Trying to set the mood at your reception? Not sure where to start? The answer is simple and clear. R&B (or "Rhythm and Blues"). R&B music is notorious for its smooth bass lines and sultry lyrics. Songs of love, admiration and devotion abound within this genre, accompanying your celebration like a fine wine. Rhythm and Blues can set the tone and feel of the evening with its soothing ballads.

With that being said, it is important to think of the artists in R&B that you would like to be played. Since there are almost countless R&B artists with a plethora of romantic songs, the only problem you will have is narrowing down the playlist. The reception is an important event in your life and should be what you want to remember, beautiful, exhilarating, and most of all, filled with romance. Having a history of well known love songs, R&B, is sure to please.

You cannot go wrong with a legend like Luther Vandross. Although he is no longer with us, his life and his passions live on in his music. “Here and Now” is widely regarded as the love song to play at you wedding. It is soft, beautiful, and romantic. If you do not wish to play the ‘cliché,’ then you may want to consider his arsenal of chart topping songs, which can be found almost anywhere.

Another award -winning singer songwriter is Stevie Wonder. He has numerous gold and platinum albums filled with love songs. His piano styling is like no other, and his voice is unmistakable. Stevie also has a wide variety of material to choose form. Some of the greatest romantic songs or R&B have been written and performed by Stevie Wonder. Not only does he have fantastic love songs, he also has hip shaking, feet moving beats, and is sure to make everyone cut a rug.

A more contemporary R&B group, Boyz II Men, topped the charts with “On Bended Knee,” a perfect addition to any playlist. With this tune you are sure to create teary and watery eyes, as it is the essence of love. Consider Brain McKnight as well. His perfectly crafted songs of devotion will ensure the mood is set. McKnight has won Grammies and awards for his soulful ballads.

Are you still unsure about your music selection? Not sure if R&B is right for you? There are a multitude of music stores and online services that will allow you to listen to free tracks to gain an impression of the music. So go out and listen to some soulful and soothing R&B and decide for yourself. Or listen to an R&B station at night-time. Why night? Because that's when the station likely plays their more romantic love songs.

Even if you choose to have a variety of music, not just R&B, make sure you include a few of the soothing and romantic tunes of R&B. It will add a touch of spice that no other genre will offer.

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