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Songs for Lighting of the Unity Candle

Several rituals punctuate formal weddings--with the most popular being the Unity Candle. This is a ritual that is rich in meaning--and appropriately-poignant music should accompany it. Since there are generally no words spoken during this event, it is appropriate to use either instrumental music or a selection with spoken words.

The music that's selected should compliment the ceremony; it must never be distracting and it must never take people's attention away from the ceremony itself. Because of this, it's best to choose music which is played at a lower volume level. And if it's a vocal piece, the words must of course be appropriate for the Unity Candle ritual. Some people choose to have a soloist singing the words for the Unity Candle song.

While this is not wrong in and of itself, keep in mind that this will take at least some attention away from the bride and groom and place it on the singer. So you need to decide ahead of time if this is okay. There are lots of good selections to use for the Unity Candle. Many can be found throughout this website, so feel free to explore.



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