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Songs for the Couple's First Dance

The first dance between a newlywed bride and groom is a time for not only the couple, but also their guests. The selection of a song for such an occasion will reflect highly upon the personalities and dispositions of the couple. The song and accompanying dance style will make a lasting impression on the guests of the party as this is the first thing the couple will do as married people.

The guests take this opportunity to fawn over how beautiful the bride looks or how handsome the groom is. Both sets of parents of the couple swell with pride and joy at the sight of their children in love. Many couples choose a traditional route and select a love ballad to which they will slowly glide across the dance floor.

However, some decide to mix this part of the ceremony up and take dance lessons for a style like Salsa or Meringue and burn up the dance floor in a performance for their guests. But, no matter what style of music or dance you choose for the first dance, just remember you can never go wrong if you just relax and be yourself.



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