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The Best Wedding Songs for a Church Ceremony

Much like a good soundtrack can make or break a movie, the songs you choose for your wedding can add to the tone, mood and overall feel of your ceremony and reception. Choosing the right music might seem to be a daunting task at first, but knowing this decision is among the most important you make during the planning process should help motivate you to delve into the project with excitement and vigor.

When the ceremony is to be held in a church, temple or other religious building, their might be songs that every couple is required to use. However, if you speak with those involved in the wedding, this can often be changed to fit your needs and wants. Many times if the music you desire is not religious, it is not a problem for it to be added to the stock ceremony songs.

However, if your place of worship is not flexible with their song choice and this matter is of particular importance to you, another alternative to the big church wedding would be to have a civil ceremony. When going this route, most decisions are completely in your control, which might lend itself to a more personal and meaningful ceremony for you and your guests.

This is especially true when considering the musical accompaniment to your wedding ceremony. If you do choose to go with the religious ceremony, choosing the band is one way to put your personal touch on the musical selections. A string quartet might fit your need. Or maybe an organist better meets your desires.

Having a harp play your soundtrack down the aisle is always a classy and memorable way to begin your new life as husband and wife. It is a calming instrument that might ease your nerves and soothe your guests’ ears at the same time.

If you are among the lucky couples that get to choose their music for a religious ceremony, many couples narrow down their choices by considering songs that have meant something to them during the course of their relationship. “Here Comes the Bride” is no longer a requirement, and might in fact be seen as a tacky, out dated decision.

Consider songs that have meaning to you and your groom or bride-to-be, or possibly even some of your guests. This is a great way to put a personal touch on your ceremony and to make it feel more intimate and personal.

Some more tips for your church-ceremony music:

1) Remember that you will usually have music played as guests arrive. Soft piano music does nicely or perhaps even a harpist. For a more contemporary idea, make use of a string quartet.
2) For the processional, use a softer song for accompanying the entrance of the bridesmaids, followed by a short fanfare announcing the bride.
3) It's common to have some soft music playing during the unity candle ceremony or even a soloist's song. However, remember that this ceremony doesn't take long, so try to select a short song.

A church wedding is a beautiful experience; it's made even more beautiful with the right musical selections.

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