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The Importance of Bridal Music

Wedding songs have been a vital part of the wedding ceremony as far back as the early 16th century. Traditionally, the father would escort the bride down the aisle accompanied by a personally significant song that was usually solemn, or soft. Afterward, as the bride walked away from the altar with her new husband; an upbeat, happy tune would be played to highlight the joyous procession.

Choosing songs for your own wedding can be a daunting task. There are so many songs out there to choose from. Where do you begin? The first step is to identify the type of wedding you are having. Whether it is traditional or contemporary will greatly affect which type of music you play.

The reverse is also true, in that the music you play will affect the atmosphere of your wedding. If your wedding is taking place in a cathedral or church, there may be limitations set by the ministry. However, using a traditional setting paired with recent music may make your wedding more unique.

If you are using a special setting, such as a beach, or an outdoor park, playing classical music such as Mendelssohn’s Wedding March or Wagner’s Bridal Chorus (aka ‘Here Comes the Bride’) will bring a more traditional feel to your ceremony.

Using music, whether traditional or contemporary, that has significant meaning to you and your partner will bring a personal touch to your ceremony. You may also want to look into the songs played at the weddings of the bride and groom’s parents. Sharing a tradition in this way can help to bring even deeper meaning to the wedding party.

Live music or a vocalist can greatly enhance your ceremony. However, take care in choosing the performers before hand. Having a dear friend or relative sing at your wedding simply because they volunteered sounds like a great idea, but you need to make sure they sound great as well. You need to arrange it with your venue as well.

Remember that once you have chosen the music for your ceremony, you will then move on to choosing music for your reception. If your venue or ceremony doesn’t mesh well with a live band or contemporary music, the reception can be just the place.

The First dance as bride and groom is a perfect time for the meaningful, modern song that didn’t quite fit in at the church. Often there is also a dance for the bride and groom to dance with their parents. These traditions are the perfect place for your aunt to sing, if you didn’t want her in the ceremony itself. If the bride or groom wants to sing a special song, the reception may also be a less emotional venue. It can be hard to sing with tears of joy choking you up.

Whatever you choose for your wedding songs, remember one thing; they are for your wedding! Don’t get caught up in trying to please everyone else. You’ll never win. This is your wedding to remember for the rest of your life. Make it everything you want it to be.

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