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Wedding Dinner Songs

After a wedding it is important to play music while the guests are mingling or sitting down for their meal. Music helps your guests relax and have a good time. The songs played during these times should be music that is familiar to your guests.

The music should not only be familiar but fun and enjoyable for all ages. It is usually best to play up beat music that is not loud or harsh to the ear. In addition, the music played should not over power the conversations occurring between your guests.

It should be soothing background music not the main focus during these down times. Some of the artists who have many songs that are appropriate for this specific need include: Frank Sinatra, Tim McGraw, or Peggy Lee. Remember that not all of the songs at a wedding need to be love songs however they should capture the feeling of a celebration.

“Be Our Guest” from the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack is a great example of a song that is not only fun but highly appropriate for a wedding dinner. The songs listed on this site are some of the most popular dinner/mingling songs played at weddings throughout America.



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