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Wedding Interlude Music

A wedding interlude can refer to any of several different moments during the ceremony. Basically it refers to a time during the ceremony in which there are no words that are being spoken for at least a minute--sometimes more. Some of the most common interlude moments in a wedding include the lighting of the unity candle, lighting of the memorial candle, or the rose presentation.

Each of these is a moment with no words, only quiet reflection. For this reason, you should select music for this interlude that will encourage reflection. One of the most appropriate choices for the unity candle ceremony is "The Wedding Song," since it actually mentions the word "union."Some other classical favorites include Ave Maria, Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring and Meditation from Thais.

A musical interlude can be an instrumental, a vocal, or even a solo from just about any genre. It should be played with volume at a moderate level. The interlude's function is to enhance the ceremony with a dramatic and symbolic meaning, and thus, should never be too overpowering. If you need help with making the right musical selection, ask your married friends, and of course, consult the rest of this website for lots of suggestions.



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