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Wedding Music for the Budgeted Bride

In the end your guests will not remember the color of the flowers or what silverware you used, but they will remember the fun they had at your wedding. In order for your guests to have fun at your wedding means having quality entertainment and getting it at an affordable price. Sacrificing your groove in order to save a little is not the best way to go, however I have come up with some creative ways to get quality wedding entertainment and not break the bank.

Live Band vs. D.J.
In the battle of D.J. vs band, price-wise the DJ usually takes the cake. If you have your heart set on a band and your budget can afford the cost, an easy way to save is to limit the amount of members in the band. For every musician you can almost certainly figure it will cost you 150 to 200 dollars.

If you limit your band to a drummer, singer, and guitarist it will save you in the long run while still getting the live entertainment factor. Another option is to use a live band for during the cocktails and switch to a D.J. when the real party begins. That way you get the best of both worlds, and yet you're more likely to stay within your budget.

Don’t be on peak
Your wedding does not necessarily have to take place on that “perfect” autumn evening, or even on a Saturday night. If you are willing to have your wedding on an off-peak night or season you can save yourself on all of your wedding costs, as well as the entertainment costs.

Overtime always costs more
Most entertainers book for four hour slots, if your wedding might need more entertainment than that, book for more time to be on the safe side. An extra hour in advance will always be cheaper than paying steep overtime charges

Save on your Ceremony
Using ceremony musicians can cost up to one thousand dollars extra. Consider some valid alternatives and use the cash elsewhere in your wedding. If your wedding site has a decent sound system you can consider using classical CDs with someone trustworthy to cue the music.

Even better ask a talented family friend or family member that you couldn’t squeeze into your party to perform. It will save you money and make your family member feel very important on your special day.

Amateur Musicians will save you money
Check out your local clubs and colleges for qualified and inexpensive musicians. Also consider going to the head of the music department at your local colleges and ask who the most talented student is. A word to the wise, a bad band means a bad party; always make them audition before saying yes.

Of course, one of the best ways to ensure that you're getting your music at the best price is to do a search online. As with most other things, the Internet makes finding budget wedding entertainment a breeze.

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