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Wedding Party Introduction Songs

The wedding party introduction song is one of those musical selections that is overlooked at some more casual weddings--but which is still considered important at more formal events. The introduction song simply refers to the music played as the wedding party is introduced during the reception.

There are several ways you can use an introduction song. You might play background music as the entire wedding party is introduced to your guests. In some cases, you might choose to just play it as the bride and groom enter the festivities.

Either way, whoever is playing the music should be sure to adjust the volume so that the names of the party members can be clearly heard. As for selecting the best song, you must first of all keep in mind whether the song has an important meaning to the couple.

Also, remember that introduction songs tend to be more upbeat than your normal romantic tune. Since you can save the sentimental songs for the first dance, father-daughter dance and so on, you can feel free to experiment with fun ideas during this event. And if you're stumped for ideas, hopefully something on this website will inspire you.



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