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Wedding Songs that Your Guests Will Enjoy

While it goes without saying that the bride's song preference trump anyone else's at the wedding, it's still important to try to incorporate music that your guests will enjoy. After all, who wants to put on a wedding where people hate the entertainment!

The purpose of wedding music is clear-cut: It's job is to set a mood. During the ceremony, you want a mood that celebrate's the couple's new life, whereas during the reception, perhaps you want a mood that encourages guests to get up and mingle and party.

Through the years, wedding entertainment has undergone some substantial changes, especially in the area of music. For that reason, the music is one place where you can explore lots of different possibilities.

Most couples want to choose songs with a significant meaning to them particularly. Sometimes the songs relate to how they first met or the couple's first date, or perhaps some other memorable event.

There are certain considerations that the couple should keep in mind as they select their wedding music. One is that the place hosting the wedding might have certain rules that impact music selection. They might restrict you as to what genre you can incorporate--particularly if it's a rather conservative church.

In fact, most wedding ceremonies, especially the larger ones, take place in some church, chapel or synagogue. Therefore, it's important to speak with the church staff to see if they have an limitations on the music that you can include.

During the typical wedding reception, the starting of music is the signal to guests that the real festivities are about to begin. You'll notice at this point that the atmosphere will become much more alive and upbeat. During the reception, some opt for a band or a DJ with recorded music. If the reception hall is big enough, some even hire complete orchestras.

As you plan songs for the wedding reception, seek out a second opinion from friends or family, especially if you're feeling a bit indecisive. One idea is to send out wedding invitations with a question, asking guests what songs they enjoy that would be appropriate for weddings.

As you sift through these cards with the returned portion, write down the songs that stick out in your mind. Especially note the ones that are mentioned more than once that are also enjoyed by the couple.

For the wedding ceremony itself, the traditional wedding march will always be in style. Some, however, are exploring other options--so don't rule out something different.

There is also the traditional wedding recessional as the couple exits the auditorium. This is perhaps an even better place to explore something different; guests seem to be more open to experimentation here than with the processional.

Most of all, just have fun and go with those songs that will create the most positive memories. A wedding might be a once-in-a-lifetime event--but the memories last forever.

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